The Daniels Fast - Life Transformation Workshops are created to teach people how to Refresh and Balance their daily lives in order to live their best life.

In order to feel truly whole and satisfied in your daily life, you have to feed all three parts of your body: your mind, body and spirit. Researched and Scientifically proven techniques will be shared and taught to the group.  

The daily steps that will be presented will lead to more: love, joy, hope, happiness, prosperity, better health, less stress, and more peace.

Learn 15 Simple strategies that can improve your health and could lengthen your lifespan, 


Workshops are taught by the Fresh Chef, Kimberly Perry.  Kimberly has a B.A. Degree from Michigan State University.  And a Nutrition and Health Coaching Certificate from "Heal Yourself Institute". Kimberly is also a Certified Prayer Counselor from Elijah House School of Ministry.

Kimberly has spent years researching and learning strategies for natural healing techniques and healthy lifestyle choices that prevent stress and heal disease.

In order to be truly healthy, a person must nourish their mind, body and spirit on a daily basis.

Clients that have attended Kimberly's workshops have reported making major changes in  their life that have led to feeling happier, healthier, more fulfilled, better relationships, and many will find their true purpose for living.