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 TESTIMONIES - From clients who have followed Kimberly Perry's teachings in her book Eat Clean for Life. 

“Eat Clean for Life" book was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself in a long time. Kimberly's program forced me to really take a look at what damage I was doing to my body by eating unhealthy foods. This was a lifestyle change not a diet and it was difficult to give up fried foods and sugar in the beginning.  I know this sounds funny, but I was like an addict and had withdrawal symptoms.

  After one week of eating clean and balancing the other areas of my life, I had less mind fog and my thinking became sharper.  Week two, I actually starting liking and craving fruits and vegetables. Starting to feel good about my new habits now.  I was down 13 pounds and loving it!  Third and fourth weeks, things started making sense.  Everything became easier, almost like second nature.

So happy, I found Kimberly and her life changing book!

 Linda V. – Chanute, Kansas

"I absolutely love Kimberly's clean eating and living program. I have lost over 25 pounds and still counting each day.  I tried every diet on the market over the past 20 years and nothing seemed to work for me.  Thank goodness I found Kimberly Perry at the Spa in Florida and began my coaching sessions with her.  I use to have awful migraine headaches, inflammation, arthritis, indigestion, constipation and bloating all the time.  I went to doctors and they would give me medicine to relieve the symptoms but it never cured the problems. When I switched to the Clean Eating way of life, I immediately started feeling better!  Once I gave up the foods that were damaging my body, I was finally able to start the healing process.  I have more energy, losing weight and I finally feel like exercising.  My numbers have improved for my blood pressure, sugar levels and cholesterol.  I love eating fresh fruit and vegetables now.  And my cravings for sugar and junk food have gone away.  I highly recommend this program to all my family members and friends.  I believe it is not only extending my life but also improving the quality of my life.  Thanks Kimberly for believing in me and not letting me give up.”

Beth W. – Windermere, Florida


“About 15 years ago I was very ill.  I gained about 110 pounds because of all the medications I was taking.  I had gotten to a point in my life where I didn’t know what to do to lose weight and be healthy.  I then met Kimberly Perry and started the 12 month Clean Eating and Living Program.  I knew God was in the plan.  Before I started eating clean, I was eating fried foods, white sugar and desserts daily.  The first few weeks I was struggling to make the changes.  My body was craving for the foods I had been eating for so long. 

After the first session I started drinking smoothies for breakfast instead of not eating anything.  I changed my fried foods to baked and grilled, and I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables as snacks in between my meals.  I was unaware of how filling and satisfying fruits and vegetables can be.  I’ve been in the program for about 2 months and have lost 15 pounds so far.  My family and friends have noticed the weight loss and also told me my skin is looking clearer.  I’m so excited this program is life changing for me!  Thank you, Kimberly."

Virginia P. – Ocoee, Florida


“I became a client of Kim Perry after observing her life, weight and mindset transformation, reviewing her book and discussing life options with her related to her Daniel's Fast program.  I desired to lose stubborn unwanted pounds, get eating mindset management under total control and learn the extra tips to be healthier and happier.  It's been an amazing investment into myself and I'm so glad I took the challenge.  She has not only met but exceeded my expectations.  Her program is comprehensive and provides mental, physical, lifestyle and psychological and physiological insight and direction.  

I have learned so many little tips that have made a difference.  I'm more aware of food choices and lifestyle choices, I'm more in control of my body and my mind. Since her program, I now spend time keeping a journal,reflecting on my gratitude list daily, meditating, doing breathing exercises, learning the art of relaxation, and the awareness of what's going on in my body related to food and stress has been amazing!  

I feel like I'm on a journey to be the best me ever!  Kim is sensitive, caring, thorough, competent and knowledgeable.  The information is outstanding. The time spent has been excellent! 

Deborah J. T. - West Bloomfield, Michigan


Working with Kim Perry has been the game changer in my life!  By teaching me the simple premise of - Eating Eight to Feel Great (eight fruit and vegetables a day) I feel re-energized and healthy again.  In two months I lost 25 pounds and I am still going.  Kim coached me not only nutritionally but spiritually.  I am no longer a spectator on the sidelines of my life!  I am so much more active with my kids and they measure my weight loss by the hug test!  Each week my 7 year old gets closer to having her fingertips touch as she wraps her arms around me.  I have a long way to go on this weight loss quest but I am so blessed to be enjoying the journey with Kim.  We are not rushing to the destination.  This is a lifelong commitment for me.

Thank you Kim!”

Merrideth O. – Farmington Hills, Michigan

"I Love Kimberly's Daniel's Fast Workshops and her clean eating and living program and all the support received throughout the program from Kimberly Perry and her book.
So far I have lost over 20 pounds by changing my eating habits, increasing my water intake and doing some moderate exercising!   Her book Eat Clean for Life has great smoothie recipes and a step by step approach to living clean!  I truly love this book and this phenomenal woman!  Thank you Kimberly for all you do for others!"

Gail B. - Detroit, Michigan

I had been on a weight reduction journey for two years before working with Kim. My doctor advised me that my BMI placed me in the obesity range. I was wearing a size 12 and creeping to a size 14. I decreased my food intake and I was successful in losing inches, but not pounds.

It wasn't until Kim introduced me to the JuicePlus products and her Clean Eating program that I was successful in losing pounds. I lost 5lbs within the first two weeks of starting the program. It's not a diet but becoming aware of what foods benefit me. It's a holistic approach of eating and I am very grateful to Kim for teaching me how to live healthy. I like the program so much that I am giving her book, "Eat Clean for Life", to family for Christmas presents.

Hattie M. Ocoee FL
I have been a client on the Clean Eating program for the about 4 months and I  am excited to say that this program under the coaching of Mrs. Kimberly Perry has changed my life.  
I have been aware of eating healthy for years and even the importance of exercising, but with daily life and all its  business I don't always have the energy to put it into practice.
I would get up and run right through the kitchen, only grabbing a bite when I  remembered to fit it in, not a great great way to lose weight!
Kim has helped me and my family to understand the importance in starting the day with healthy options that kick start the metabolism and then prepare healthy snacks and options throughout the day.  
All these years I have been eating incorrectly and at 50+ with a slower metabolism became frustrated with the effort to shed pounds without much success.
I began the program weighing 174 and almost daily I shed ounces.!!  When I don't  I know it is because I  ate late,  ate the wrong thing, haven't been drinking enough water or stopped moving my body.  
Then that motivates me to get it together and keep moving to optimal health!  Today I weigh 156 and still shedding I  even jog a bit in addition to walking.
Thank you for the many tools that you have equipped us with to help us along our weight shedding journey, some include;
weekly then monthly phone sessions, realistic meal plans, smoothies, exercises, breathing techniques, journaling, but most of all knowing that we were not only accountable to our coach and ourselves, but knowing we would be encouraged and or instructed on a healthier way if we missed an appointment or fell back into old patterns.  Much much appreciated. .
This is not a diet plan it is a life change!! Thanks Kim for sharing your time, coaching and knowledge with Derrick and me. We truly needed this wake up call.
Juanita M. - West Bloomfield, Michigan