Read testimonies of clients across the country that have tried The REFRESH - Balanced Living Workshop, and the Eat Clean for Life principles and have significantly improved their lives and their health. 

Kimberly is the founder of REFRESH, Balanced Living Workshops


Refresh Workshops are created to help your audience to put steps in their daily life to prevent stress and burnout.  They will learn how to create a life of peace, joy, love, good health and passion!

Fresh Lifestyle


Adults and Seniors will learn how to improve their health and longevity. Students will learn how to improve their grades, have longer attention spans and less sick days at school.

Fresh Lifestyle Magazine provides Free information on healthy eating, living and delicious recipes

REFRESH: The Program/Testimonies

Eat Clean for Life: The book

Fresh Chef, Kimberly Perry

Kimberly is a Certified Chef and Healthy Living Life Coach.  Kimberly is available to speak at your next conference to RESTART, REVITALIZE AND RENEW your audience.  Her "Balanced Living" workshops have been encouraging and equipping individuals to live their best life for over 20 years. 

  • Certified: Nutrition and Healthy Living Coach
  • Award Winning book Author and Researcher
  • Color Therapy - Artist
  • Plant based, but not Vegetarian
  • Food Blogger/Healthy Living writer and Journalist
  • Magazine Publisher
  • Speaker, Lecturer and TV Host
  • Over One Million Followers in Fresh Lifestyle Magazine
  • ​Real Housewife of the NBA

The Fresh Chef, Kimberly Perry