The Daniels Fast is a Balanced Living Workshop


The Fresh Chef, Kimberly Perry

Fresh Chef, Kimberly Perry

Kimberly is the founder of the Daniels Fast - Life Transformation Workshop.  It is a 21 day program that will refresh, renew and revitalize your life - body, mind and spirit.  Participants of the Daniels Fast have shown improvements in the following areas: cholesterol, blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, immune disorders, weightloss, stress, relationships, careers and mental clarity. 

Workshops include: recipes, coaching, handouts, meditations, prayers, and affirmations to help you succeed. 

*One day workshops and One on One Coaching is

also available. 

Read testimonies of clients across the country that have tried The REFRESH - Balanced Living Workshop, and the Eat Clean for Life principles and have significantly improved their lives and their health. 

​Daniels Fast - Life Transformation


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  • Certified: Nutrition and Healthy Living Coach
  • Organic Plant-based Chef
  • Award Winning book Author and Researcher
  • Color Therapy - Artist
  • Food Blogger/Healthy Living writer and Journalist
  • Magazine Publisher
  • Speaker, Lecturer and TV Host
  • Over One Million Followers in Fresh Lifestyle Magazine
  • ​Real Housewife of the NBA


Daniels Fast Workshops are a Life Changing Experience!  You will learn how to create a life of peace, joy, love, and most importantly Good Health!

Learn the fundamentals of eating and living your Best Life!

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